Re: Linux-2.0.25 and 2.1.8

I.R. (
12 Nov 1996 07:54:26 GMT

Joerg Pommnitz ( wrote:
: According to Linus Torvalds:
: > 2.1.8 also contains various other patches:
: > - ide code cleanups

: 2.1.8 panics for me at boot time. It detects my hda drive, but later
: at the partition check it complains something like
: hda: no device for 3:6
: This is not the exact error message, but it's probably very close.

I had exactly the same problem (about the same HW).

So I have rebuilt the basic-kernel and later on got 2.0.25, which now
produces a warning with the "ldconfig" in the boot-sequence, saying
that "/usr/lib" cannot be unlinked. Attempts to do ldconfig manually
cause this warning with some "" and the like.

see yas


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