network "bug" (!?) in 2.1.8

Pedro Roque (
Mon, 11 Nov 1996 21:15:57 GMT

>>>>> "Rodrigo" == Rodrigo Feher <> writes:

Rodrigo> Hi, While running a SLIP connection, I got a lot of:

Rodrigo> Nov 11 12:46:48 inward kernel: tcp_do_rebuild_header
Rodrigo> failed Nov 11 12:48:45 inward kernel:
Rodrigo> tcp_do_rebuild_header failed Nov 11 12:50:45 inward
Rodrigo> kernel: tcp_do_rebuild_header failed Nov 11 12:52:45
Rodrigo> inward kernel: tcp_do_rebuild_header failed Nov 11
Rodrigo> 12:54:45 inward kernel: tcp_do_rebuild_header failed Nov
Rodrigo> 11 12:56:45 inward kernel: tcp_do_rebuild_header failed

Rodrigo> Any clue?

That probably means your slip connection when down and tcp wasn't able to
retransmit anymore. If this isn't the case, then please notify us.
If all goes well we can remove that debug message in a short time.

Rodrigo> With the 2.0.x series I never got that. This
Rodrigo> system is a AMD486DX4/120, 16MB RAM, kernel 2.1.8:

Rodrigo> Linux inward 2.1.8 #72 Sat Nov 9 11:19:46 EDT 1996 i486

Rodrigo> Humm... weird! :)

Just debugging info... You will probably see more of it.