2.0.25 compile problem SOLVED

Lindsay Haisley (fmouse@fmp.com)
Mon, 11 Nov 1996 12:44:49 -0600

[sorry to double-post this to some people, but apparently it never made it
all the way through the vger mail queue and I'm still gettin email from
people on the subject]

Here was the problem on my system. I'm sure others share the same system

The default location for installed binutils on the Slackware 3 distribution
is /usr/bin. By default, the binutils makefile installs binutils,
including gnu as, in /usr/local/bin. Apparently the kernel makefile was
locating and using the binutils in /usr/bin, even though "as --version"
executed /usr/local/bin/as since the latter directory has precedence in my path.

Other distributions may have the same problem. The fix is obvious ......

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