2.1.8 problem

Christopher Nolan (cnolan@sbaeweb2.fullerton.edu)
Mon, 11 Nov 1996 08:15:29 -0800

I just compiled 2.1.8 using the same .config setup as I used with 2.1.7.
The compile goes ok, and the kernel installs and boots. However, I now
notice a delay, about 1/2 second, when typing in a telnet session. I press
the keys, but the don't appear on the screen for about 1/2 second. This is
new to this kernel, as when I reboot with the 2.1.7 kernel, it does not do
this. I have only tested this from a remote site, and don't know if the
effect will be there on the local machine. I checked the processes,
memory, etc and everything seems to be normal.

Does anyone have any ideas?


Christopher Nolan