header files, sys/stream.h, sys/mbuf.h...

Pedro Roque (roque@di.fc.ul.pt)
Fri, 8 Nov 1996 21:30:36 GMT

>>>>> "John" == John Brosnan <johnbros@iol.ie> writes:

John> Hi, I'm porting a device driver from SunOS to Redhat Linux,
John> the driver build requires the following header files:

John> sys/stream.h sys/mbuf.h sys/kmem_alloc.h

John> The above files do not seem to exist on Linux,
Yes, Linux doesn't have either streams or mbufs (this is a feature not a bug).
"kmem_alloc" -> <linux/kmalloc.h>

John> any suggestions/ideas ?

Your driver seams to be network related. You will have to rewrite the parts
that use mbufs to use sk_buffs instead (<linux/skbuff.h>). This shouldn't
be too hard and you can look at how other drivers handle skbs.

About the streams part, it depends what is it used for in the SunOS driver.
Only if you give the list more information about what it should do can we
point you to the equivalent mechnisms in Linux.