msb/lsb on dma

Upinder Singh Bhalla (
Thu, 7 Nov 1996 17:10:57 +0530 (IST)

Hi, folks. I have written a device driver for an A/D board on a P100 with
the following kernel and gcc:
Linux version 2.0.14 ( (gcc version 2.7.2)

The board can be run in a mode in which it automatically generates dma
requests in single transfer mode, and thereby capture data without CPU
intervention. The DMA controller is even smart enough to cycle round a
ring buffer for you. As the board is 12 bits, it does the DMA transfers
in two bytes, padding the upper with zeroes. So far so good.
However, the driver now has to be
able to find out what is the last address filled by the card. I use
inb(DMA_ADDR_3) for this, reading it twice to get the lower and upper
Most of the time my driver works fine, but a few times every
second it picks up some garbage in which it looks like the msb/lsb got
The problem seems to be that every so often my reads to get the
current DMA address from the controller, overlap with
the DMA writes by the board. This messes up my assumptions about the
state of the DMA ff. I have tried checking on the DMA status by using
and testing whether the DMA is busy, but that does not change the results.
I have also tried reading the conversion status
from the A/D board, that doesn't help either.

Any tips on what to do, or if my diagnosis is completely awry ?


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