Re: Kernel Upgrade

Fred Love (
Wed, 06 Nov 1996 22:05:18 -0500

Alan Cox wrote:
> > Your best bet: Make a backup of everything, and install slackware 3.1 or
> > something new. It would a major pain in the dumper to upgrade everything
> Personally I wouldnt wish slackware 3.1 on anyone. Whatever distribution
> you pick, also go through the linux security archives and/or vendor
> upgrade kits and apply them.

I would like to know as well. If there is a security problem with the
Slackware distribution, I would like to know. Is the RedHat
distribution preferred by you?

I am currently running 2.0.24 on a single CPU gateway box running IP
masquerading (gateway to my ISP), another SMP box running SAMBA (printer
sharing) for two Win95 clients.

Thanks, Fred

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