Re: 2.0.24 clock unstable ?

H. Peter Anvin (
6 Nov 1996 18:24:18 GMT

Followup to: <>
By author: John Alvord <>
In newsgroup:
> There was a classic moment reported in early Windows 95, where a routine
> is supposed to handle time changes automatically. At 2am, the clock was
> reset to 1am. And an hour later the same thing happened. And so on until
> the machine was restarted.
> Does Linux or some experimental patch attempt a siniliar time change?

Linux doesn't deal with this sort of bogosity -- it keeps the system
time in UTC, and converts to local time as needed. Someone put in a
patch to handle DST changes for filesystems (e.g. MS-DOS) that require
the kernel to know the local time; IMHO a much better idea would be to
have a user-space daemon (which has access to the timezone tables) do
that change.


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