Re: Problems with netscape in 2.0.24

stephen farrell (
05 Nov 1996 17:07:32 -0600 (Erik B. Andersen) writes:

> I suspect that you are using, yes? Netscape was linked with
> old versions of libc5, and therefore the bugs in Netscape (which is where
> the problems are) were not so obvious. With newer versions of libc5, those
> problems have become more and more apparent. The newest malloc code in
> does not tolerate the sloppy and undefined usage that
> Netscape utilizes, and therefore when Netscape does something BAD, it gets
> core dumped. One solution is to go back to an old, buggy, security problem
> filled, and slow version of libc5. Another solution is to not use
> Netscape. Another solution is to flood Netscape with e-mail mentioning
> their little problem, and suggesting that it would sure be nice if they
> recompiled Netscape with a nice new distribution of Linux like those from
> Debian or RedHat, and then debug their malloc use... This has absolutly
> nothing to do with the Linux kernel.
> -Erik

i've tried writing very nice email to jwz regarding detailing this
problem, etc etc. unfortunately, he hasn't responded. nevertheless,
i don't think it's really a good thing to flood him and netscape in
general with complaints about linux/netscape. personally, i'm pretty
glad that netscape supports linux at all -- i'd hate to see that
jeopardized because they get a flood of email from complaining linux

netscape does have a bug. i have already provided them with specific
information about what that might be related to (david lea's malloc --
the one used by default in libc 5.2.13 and newer -- does not tolerate
deletes on non-malloc'd memory... and i think there was another
suggestion, which i also forwarded to jwz.) i think the best thing
for linux users to do is to use the LD_PRELOAD directive to point
their netscape to a old libc (or, a new libc compiled with old malloc
-- i've got this if anyone wants it), and, of course, to keep
improving their OS so that it will be financially viable for companies
like netscape to spend more money supporting linux.

--steve farrell

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> WealSoft Computers wrote:
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> > Hi there
> > I have been seeing netscape dying with "Bus error" in 2.0.24 kernels
> > which are not seen previously by the 2.0 kernel. Could it be the patch
> > to sock.h causing the problem? Thsi happened with all 2.x and 3.x versions
> > of Netscape.
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> > Regards
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