Re: Problems with netscape in 2.0.24

Carlos Carvalho (
Tue, 5 Nov 96 14:35 EDT

Erik B. Andersen ( wrote on 4 November 1996 10:56:
>I suspect that you are using, yes? Netscape was linked with
>old versions of libc5, and therefore the bugs in Netscape (which is where
>the problems are) were not so obvious.

There may be bugs in netscape, but there are also bugs in the Xserver,
at least in the S3 server, version 3.1.2G. Netscape does manage to put
the server in a dead state, where the keyboard and mouse don't answer.
The only solution is to kill -9 (other signals don't work) the Xserver
from the net.

So netscape isn't the only guilty here.