Re: The best filesystem for a BIG news server

Alan Cox (
Mon, 4 Nov 1996 21:18:41 +0000 (GMT)

> Use 4 2.0Gig IDE drives. Stripe them using the mdutils (or not does not seem to matter here)
> For a filesystem we use ext2 here with a smaller blockspace (1K).

You are unlikely to get good enough performance off 4 IDE drives with a big
news feed and a lot of traffic. I note you arent for example taking a full
feed [Or if you do you only take 2.5 days news]

> Note that we are continually swapping drives. No SCSI drive has survived more than 8 Months. We are now checking out how the
>situation is with IDE drives for a newsserver spool.

Same drives, different glue. Just some of the SCSI ones have better mechanisms
and run faster. If your scsi drives blow up after 8 months I'd check your
vendor, your ventilation and your machine handling policy.