Re: Problems with netscape in 2.0.24

Derrik Pates (
Mon, 4 Nov 1996 10:47:28 -0700 (MST)

On Mon, 4 Nov 1996, WealSoft Computers wrote:

> Hi there
> I have been seeing netscape dying with "Bus error" in 2.0.24 kernels
> which are not seen previously by the 2.0 kernel. Could it be the patch
> to sock.h causing the problem? Thsi happened with all 2.x and 3.x versions
> of Netscape.

Seen that one more than once, especially when trying to run Java applets.
Netscape needs to fix that. Hear that, Netscape? You need to fix this!
They might even fix it before 4.0 (yeah sure, and cows might sprout wings
and fly too :). Good luck to you, and try turning off Netscape's internal
Java support - that works for me.

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