Re: kernel not processing ICMP Redirects

Matthew S. Crocker (
Mon, 4 Nov 1996 08:53:03 -0500 (EST)

> If he has CONFIG_IP_FORWARD, the message he should be seeing would be
> something along the lines of "icmp: ICMP redirect ignored." with some info
> on the packet following... Otherwise, his host should be honoring the
> redirects (unless theyre trying to redirect him somewhere thats not on the
> same subnet, or other illegal redirects)

I think I have CONFIG_IP_FORWARD but I'll double check today and see
whats up with my running kernel.

The ICMP's are all for valid networks (like a 32 IP subnet hanging off
each Portmaster) and a couple class-c's which are routed to virtual web
servers. Its all local, I haven't run tcpdump on the net to watch the
traffic. I'm on a 100 % switched network so I should only see my data,
All the machines on my net are getting the ICMP redirects and NONE of
them are updating the routing table.