Possible keyboard bug?

4 Nov 1996 19:36:12 EDT


This is something that doesnt mean much trouble, but still bugs me
sometimes, and it may represent a bigger bug.. of course it could also
be meaningless.. but oh well..

I noticed that if I, at the console, hold both left and right arrow keys
and at the same time hold the up arrow I will eventually get a keyboard
error message from the kernel. I know I can comment it out, and besides
it's only printed with kern.debug priority, but still.. I dunno..

Oh, BTW I'm using 2.0.23 at the moment but it might have happened with
earlier kernels also (I don't remember at the time. I'll reboot with
them and try it). I'm running gpm 1.09 and the PS/2 mouse driver is
built into the kernel. My keyboard is the one that comes with Compaq CDS
520 models (latinamerican distribution. Oh, I also have a specific
keyboard map for that loaded via loadkeys, slightly modified from the
es.map). Is there any way I can get more info from the kernel on what
it's doing at the time? Or is this perfectly common?