(fwd) Re: prob. with irq.c in 2.0.24?

Peter T. Breuer (ptb@oboe.it.uc3m.es)
Tue, 5 Nov 1996 00:25:29 GMT

Sorry to followup on myself - but the other people in this thread seem to have
been expired locally and I lost my incoming mail playing with popclient ...

"A month of sundays ago Peter T. Breuer wrote:"
> OK - this one is simple.
> I use the PC speaker driver. It uses ACK_FIRST(0x01) (or whatever) in
> a modification to irq.c. That is broken by the change to ACK_FIRST in
> 2.0.15.

I have now read the assembler in irq.h that ACK_FIRST(mask,nr) expands to in
2.0.24 ... It doesn't seem to use the new argument (nr) to ACK_FIRST (any
longer?. So the guy who
plugged in 0 for the new argument in the call to ACK_FIRST in irq.c should
have been right - but he reports that that functions wrong. Is the whole PCSP
inclusion in irq.c just horribly broken by the changes since 2.0.0?

(and who in hell did that in a stable kernel release series :-).

Any assembler experts out there like to rewrite the PCSP irq.c code? I'll be
happy to send it to them!

PS - I am reading the source over a dodgy modem, and it is possible I
have misread - but I don't think so.

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