Re: Linus using MIME ??? (was: Linux-2.1.7)

Alain Knaff (
Sun, 03 Nov 1996 07:15:36 +0100

> My standard answer: Install modern mailer ( = MTA).
> I never get QP in my incoming mailbox, because my MTA
> decodes the incoming message -- and so I can use old ELM
> to do all my email processing without fussing about MIME.

And what if I use POP?

> Mostly because we actively took part at creating the MIME
> technology; Why would we oppose it ? The world has far
> more character sets than you can imagine. One survey found
> about one HUNDRED of them. (more if you count aliases)

Nobody asks you to oppose it. But could you do all of us a favor,
and push it less heavy handedly? Forcing people who have expressed
their opinion _against_ MIME (and worse: only them !) to use it is
IMHO very rude. Is your confidence in your own work really so weak
that you think you have to resort to these methods?

> In "FR"-case my answer to Alain was (as I recall):
> "Will you start running the re-exploder instead" ?
> I never got any "YES" back.

I was too busy at the time to worry ... and if I had the time to
volunteer an exploder, I'd probably also have enough time to work with
the sendmail team to make their MTA efficient enough to handle vger

> .. and if VGER were running modern sendmail, you would
> still be in the same pinch... or rather you would not
> get any messages, because it would not be able to handle
> the load...

Vger ran with "compulsary QP" off for a few days. So even with
zmailer, it _is_ technically possible. But then YOU stepped in and
saw this as an excellent occasion to push your QP.

> At my work we have a wide repertoire of systems with varying
> degree of historical systems with weirdly behaving mailers.

Why don't you simply take your own advice and install new MTA's ;-) ?

> (Telecom Finland is not pure SMTP-shop, we have a lot of
> rather pervert X.400 systems, EBCDIC monsters, etc...
> "Just Send 8-bit" is unacceptable. MIME is the way!)

Maybe in Finland. But why do you want to force it onto a country
(France) where this problem simply does not exist, and where QP
actually creates more problems than it solves?

>/Matti Aarnio -- soap-boxing on "Pro-MIME" mode again..

As long as you're only discussing it, this is ok ;-) But please don't
use your "dominant position" in the field of fast & efficient MTA's to
_force_ everybody else to do QP. This behaviour is more akin to
Micro$oft than to a honorable Linux user ;-)