Re: 53c7,8xx vs. 53c8xx?
Sat, 2 Nov 1996 09:55:24 -0500 (EST)

On Sat, 2 Nov 1996, Gerard Roudier wrote:

> Hi!
> Thanks for your tests.
> Can you send the real configuration you used for those tests and the real
> results. i.e:
> - Kernel version and configuration files
> - Hardware descriptions(at leasts what is involved in the tests)
> - Results (time or speed).
> Just have to be aware that using tagged commands with bad hard disks
> decreases performances.
> On the other hand, your tests seems to be only sequential IOs.
> A hard disk is normally optimized for random IOs as well as sequential IOs.
> Please, be as accurate as possible.
> Gerard.

Any suggestions for testing programs? If not, I'll run some real-world
tests with both drivers...