Since so many people have asked me this

Alan Cox (
Sat, 2 Nov 96 12:09 GMT

Whats in 2.0.23ac#2 thats not in 2.0.24

1. SMP irq forwarding, this gives BIG performance/latency improvements
with Linux/SMP, but its not exactly a bug fix.

2. Linus version of the socket change uses int not __u32. I'll submit
that as a patch again to use __u32 for the benefit of the folks trying to
get the Linux stack running on a certain 16bit OS

3. Several bugs that Linus and others fixed between 2.0.23/2.0.24

Thats it.. so unless you want to play with some of the fun SMP stuff, use
2.0.24. My next patch will be 2.0.24ac#1 and will just be whatever patches
I send to Linus for 2.0.25, and the SMP improvements for those who need
good SMP interrupt latency etc.