Re: RFC: New kernel proc interface

Alan Cox (
Fri, 1 Nov 1996 20:24:49 +0000 (GMT)

> Besides, the data is cached only while the file is held open.
> When the file is closed, all that memory is freed. 3.2MB is
> a pitance today. Anyone that is using 40K routes can afford
> the US$12 for another 4MB.

My gated monitor holds the file open continually.

> which implies a discrete point in time, but rather a fuzzy
> image of the kernel state over a period of time. How useful can
> this be?

All the tools like ps have lived with that since day 1.

> Today's systems have much more RAM than in the past. Hacks like
> this should be elimnated now that the majority of systems have
> the resources to do "the right thing." (TM)

Thats how you get 64Mb OS kernels.

> If this is really an issue, implimenting backwards compatibilty
> for memory critical proc routines is trivial.

Its not even neccessarily compatibility thats an issue. We just need
a way to say 'Dont cache me Im potentially big', or for the code to
get a 32K block and then say "Stuff this Im not caching any more".

Having a common interface to all the small /proc stuff is very good.