Re: PPP and 2.0.24?? problems?

Erik B. Andersen (
Fri, 1 Nov 1996 01:21:56 -0700 (MST)

I get the same behavior (quietly failing) when pppd is not run setuid root.
I fixed it (at least before I switched to Debian which works out of the
box, so I recommend that you install it) with the command:

chmod u+s /usr/sbin/pppd

The other problem ("Sorry - this system lacks kernel PPP support") I have
experienced when pppd tries to start when the modem is already locked with
another pppd. This seems to be a cosmetic bug in either the kernel, or
pppd but I never bothered to find out which. This is a failure of either
pppd or the kernel to describe the actual problem, and instead defaulting
to the `lacks kernel PPP' message. I suspect it is a pppd problem though,
so you might try the ppp mailing list instead.

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wojtowij wrote: > > I'm looking for a heads up on a problem i'm having with PPP and > 2.0.24. I recently patched up from 2.0.21 and recompiled and > I'm having problems using ppp on the 2.0.24 kernel. > > Here's a short description of the problem. After booting 2.0.24 > (with ppp compiled in, OR built as a module) I try to run setup a > modem ppp link. I get the "Sorry - this system lacks kernel PPP support" > message. HOWEVER if i run the pppd straight on one of the vt's i can > watch it try to setup a ppp link. I kill the pppd process off and > go back to try and my scripts to setup the modem PPP link and it > QUIETLY FAILS without the earlier message. > > Anyone else having this sort of problem? Did kernel changes break pppd? > Or am I hallucinating? > > John >