2.0.21 Kernel Hang (Console Selection Bug?)

Eric W. Biederman (ebiederm@cse.unl.edu)
Thu, 31 Oct 1996 23:45:05 -0600

I'm running linux 2.0.21 and gpm 1.06 on a 100x30 text console, with a
3 button Microsoft protocol mouse.

Copying a screenful of zeros from one text console to another (both
running bash). Then before pressing enter repeating two more times
jams my console solid (The speed of succession may play a factor). I
can switch virtual console but nothing else. The top process I have
running even appears to stop. I can't test logging via telnet or a
serial port :(. This doesn't leave any indications in the logs and my
only recouse is to hit the reset button.

This is quite embarassing when trying to make a point about non
limited command line lengths in unix :( It isn't bash or the command
line mechanism I'm sure because I managed to create a several meg
command line and suffer no bad results other than thrashing.

I realize gpm is run as root but I believe this is for permissions to
all of the console no matter who is running rather than doing funky
dangerous things with the kernel.