Re: unusual startup messages

Alan Cox (
Thu, 31 Oct 1996 22:25:05 +0000 (GMT)

> It's absolutely right though, that according to the ammunition law of the US,
> the im- and export of DES encryption software, or DES encrypted data is

Import is legal, export is currently subject to a supreme court challenge
by Dan Bernstein. Another good reason for folks to support the EFF and friends.

> illegal, unless you have a good reason and a permit to do so. Building it in
> the kernel isn't a problem, sending it to people in Europe isn't a problem
> either, but people from the US, and Linus himself, would be prosecutable if
> anyone downloaded that kernel that resides in the US. (Completely moronic laws?
> Yes.. But it is no different)

No. If you import it and allow export of it, its not Linus problem[1]. However
Linus will be working from the US soon, so once the IPv6 crypto goes in he'll
probably have to give up working on the kernel. ie good reason it stays as
seperate modules..

[1] Its yours, and expect to face several years in jail as an arms smuggler