multicast Bug in kernel many versions...

Charlie Ross (
Thu, 31 Oct 1996 01:44:29 -0500 (EST)

Heres my problem... simple to explain.. probably hard to debug...

I have multicasting complied in.. (2.0.24 but the problem existed ever
since i have tried multicasting...)

I start mrouted with a tunnel.. (the tunnel is to a cisco 4000 router)
everything works... tunnel is up... can see the mbone...
then I try to use another machine in my subnet (namely a sparc 4)
with multicasting software... it sees the mbone too... honkey dorey..

but the more packets i send with that machine... the more my linux
machine's memory gets eaten (not by any procceses I can see... with top...
but it still gets eaten... presumadely by the kernel...) if I send a steady
datastream from the sun... my linux machine eats all 24 meg in about 2
minutes.. then goes into swap-thrash... (unless I have the swap off then
it just dies with "out of memory" errors)

If I kill the mrouted before the end... it does NOT free up the memory...
It's a very strange problem...

any help?


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