Re: Problem with 2.0.24 SCSI change

Michael Neuffer (
Wed, 30 Oct 1996 17:09:15 -0800 (PST)

On Wed, 30 Oct 1996, Chris Adams wrote:
> Leonard N. Zubkoff <> wrote:
> > From: Chris Adams <>
> > 2) Is there not a better way to get the order of multiple host adapters?
> >
> >Not at the present time. There's no consistency to the order in which a
> >motherboard's BIOS will install the BIOS extensions from the SCSI controllers.
> >I think we will eventually need to allow for explicitly specifying the probe
> >order.
> How hard would it be to add a kernel command line option? Something
> like "scsi-order=aic7xxx,eata-dma"? I understand that if you reorder
> some of the probes bad things will happen, but that could be checked
> for. That way it doesn't matter which way the kernel default is, I
> could put a line like the above in my lilo.conf and it would be
> automatic.

Yes, that can be implemted.

> I went through great pains trying to figure out how my Tomcat II
> motherboard decided which SCSI adapter to boot from. It tries to boot
> the same adapter it booted last time. I has installed the DPT first (to
> set up the RAID), and then installed the Adaptec. The only way I could
> figure out to make the system boot from the Adaptec was to remove the
> DPT, boot up once, and reinstall the DPT. Is there any way to tell
> which SCSI adapter booted the system?

What you can do is to check with controller has his address at a lower
address. That controller usually booted the machine. Maybe we can add a
field where the driver can put in the address and then decide on that the
order which contoller's devices get detected first.


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