Re: backing up configuration

Bryn Paul Arnold Jones (
Tue, 29 Oct 1996 00:36:02 +0000 (GMT)

On Mon, 28 Oct 1996, Russell Berry wrote:

> In answer to your question, I would suggest something more like:
> dd if=/dev/hda of=/net/someremote/host.image bs=16384
> that will get absolutely everything on /dev/hda as a single image,
> not as a file. naturally you could then run gzip host.image if
> you choose to.

I suggest that if you want to compress the image, do it like:

dd if=/dev/hda bs=16384 |gzip >/net/someremote/host.image.gz

As you then won't write out the uncompressed image, restore with:

gzip -dc /net/someremote/host.image.gz |dd of=/dev/hda bs=16384

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