Re: 2.1.6 preliminary report - followup

Bob Tracy - TDS (
Wed, 30 Oct 1996 10:02:54 -0600 (CST)

More info... Removing the PCMCIA Ethernet interface while running
2.1.6 restores normal audio operation. No anomalies as far as
choppy audio or audio/video sync problems noted.

Here's where I don a sheepish grin... I've been running the
Ethernet interface in promiscuous mode, and high traffic on the wire
definitely impacts how well the audio drivers work. Can't prove that
I was seeing similar/identical traffic loads on the Ethernet interface
when I was running 2.1.5 vs. 2.1.6, but my gut feel is that there's
more overhead associated with packet processing in 2.1.6. There's
still the problem of the machine locking up when I remove the Ethernet
card: a known workaround is to shutdown the PCMCIA card services
before removing the card, but I don't have to do that under 2.1.5.

At this point I think we have a problem best solved by an update
to the PCMCIA card services package.

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