2.1.6: IS9660/CDROM/SCSII broken!

root (mccramer@solfire.ludwigsburg.netsurf.de)
Wed, 30 Oct 1996 07:54:49 GMT

Hi folks!

As mentioned before for v2.1.5 of the linux kernel,
in v2.1.6 my kernel problem was NOT solved:

Firstly I compiled the kernel with kernel module support
for everything including the ISO9960 fs and SCSII-CDROM

All compiles fine, booting was no problem.
But trying to mount my CDROM produces the message
"The kernel does not support ISO9660" (not quite exact
THIS words, but this sense...:-)

Ok, lets try it by including the relevant parts directly into
the kernel.

Booting...mounting CDROM... rien ne vas plus!

The kernel hangs, the LED of my CDROM went on -- and off after
a while and then: "THE SOUND OF SILENCE"

It is same behaviour as with v2.1.5 of the Linux kernel.

I have updated all things mentioned including the modules support
(thanks to Andries) but nothing helps.

My Chemicals:
up-to-date libc and modules support
Linux (of course!)

My Physic:
NCR53810-SCSII Apaptor
SANYO SCSII QuadSpeed Cdrom
P90 with Plato Board
32MByte PS2 RAM (no EDOs or burstsomething magic in there...)

If one needs more details, please mail me, I dont want to fill up
this mailing group with grains of my hardware...:-)

...who dances with modems...

meino christian cramer