Re: 2.1.6 preliminary report

Alexander Sanda (
30 Oct 1996 00:05:59 GMT

In article <>
Bob Tracy - TDS <> wrote:

>Unplugging the PCMCIA Ethernet card now locks up the machine solid.
>Video/audio synchronization in "xanim" is now extremely poor even on
>a 133 MHz Pentium.

Hm, I have also sound probs with 2.1.6. linux-quake sounds choppy,

>"maplay" used to be able to handle a stereo 44.1 kHz MPEG audio
>stream without even so much as a hiccup. Now there is extreme
>choppiness and the left and right channels get out of sync with
>each other.

Same with the sound effects in xquake.

cat some.wav > /dev/dsp works.

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