Re: Core dumps & restarting

ADAM Sulmicki (
Mon, 28 Oct 1996 20:57:14 -0500 (EST)

On Tue, 29 Oct 1996, Bryn Paul Arnold Jones wrote:
->> (Of course, real Linux users never reboot or shut down, except for a
->> hardware or kernel upgrade ;)
->Don't forget power failure, and electrical storms ;)

Very true, here is an uptime for my box. This is since last tornado here
at MD. Yeah, dear folks, you need at least tornado to bring an Linux box

30 vigrid% finger

Welcome to Linux version 2.0.10 at !

7:53pm up 51 days, 3:13, 0 users, load average: 0.11, 0.07, 0.01

Login Name Tty Idle Login Time Office Office Phone
mom RHS Linux User 11 22:37 Oct 27 18:58
theax the Ax S0 Oct 28 20:26
[host name changed for safety of the box, the other is internal network]

Thought apart form ths I find the idea of dumping system/program very

As of program, I don't know details but maybe it could be
possible to write an shell/module, and which would take care that program
takes an relatively contignous block of memory.

And as of OS, I know that I can suspend my whole system on my laptop and
then restore (from bios). Now if it would be implemented on kernel
level it could be possible to suspend linux, run some other OS and go back
to linux where we had been before. Theoretically it could use the same
partition which bios uses for suspend.