Re: No Mail from linux mailing

Robey Pointer (
Mon, 28 Oct 1996 11:23:30 -0800 (PST)

Bob Nielsen said this, and I just had to respond:
> > I have not seen any mail from linux kernel mailing list for the last
> > one week. Is is only I or everybody else is not getting the mail
> I didn't get anything from any for several days. I
> checked majordomo and found that I had been unscribed from all five of the
> lists I previously got.
> Re-subscribing was the answer, but I wonder if this was a widespread
> problem.

I get unsubscribed every month or two. It seems completely random, as it
never coincides with any mailer problems and I never get any notice that
I've been unsubscribed. Sending email to the list maintainer about it seems
to go into a black hole. I think I'm going to resort to just having a cron
job that subscribes me once a week, until they get their mail problems sorted

And don't worry, it stops being annoying after the 50th time, and just sort
of becomes a nuisance.


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