Re: isalnum not working - 2.0.23

Mike Bremford (
Mon, 28 Oct 1996 18:32:25 +0000

I couldn't reproduce this.

I was on 2.0.21, libc 5.3.12. Patched to 2.0.23 and rebuilt - The
binary compiled under 2.0.21 is byte-for-byte identical with that
under 2.0.23, and they both produce the same output as well ("1").

I don't know what it is, but (at least for me) the kernel seems fine.
You may want to compare this:

pc1:/home/mike> md5sum /usr/include/ctype.h
100ccf9019f090229cb33b7275c241a2 /usr/include/ctype.h

with your system, but that's my best (and only) guess I'm afraid.

Cheers... Mike

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Subject: isalnum not working - 2.0.23
Author: at Internet
Date: 28/10/96 10:01

We got a problem here, I do not know if it is a kernel bug,
but it started happening after an update from 2.0.21 to 2.0.23,
and the only thing changed on that machine is the kernel.

# include <ctype.h>

int c;

c = 'e';
printf("%d\n", isalnum(c));

Should produce 1, did so with 2.0.21, produces 0 on 23.

I would appreciate help in this matter via email, its a production
machine and we need it, and rebooting is not easy because of long
running jobs..

add. info: libc-5.4.7 but it worked fine with 5.4.7 and kernel 21

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