Abnormal Console(VCs) Display???!!!

DPD (dpd@asan.com)
Mon, 28 Oct 1996 11:00:33 -0500


I was playing around with the 'speedtest' program located in the
'/usr/lib/svgalib' directory....and....now all my VCs are almost

That is, characters appear fuzzy and extraordinarily large on the
(VCs) screen.

Also, you can log into one of the VCs since you can
make out that there should have been a normal login prompt waiting
for input. But, you have to know what the next prompt would normally
be after you log in since the remaining output to the screen is
barely legible....

Aside from rebooting the system, how can I resolve this problem????

BTW, I do have access to the linux box ion question via telnet
sessions. So if I need to log into the system with a "normal"
looking screen to do some snooping around...I'll telnet in...

Thanks in advance!