Re: nlist() and ELF

Miquel van Smoorenburg (
27 Oct 1996 18:59:25 +0100

In article <>,
Oliver Elphick <> wrote:
>Iattempted to compile INN under kernel 2.1.3 and libc 5.4.8.
>I found that nnrpd would not link because of the absence of nlist().

What does this have to do with kernel development?

Anyway, even if you have nlist it still doesn't work. The function
you are talking about is to get the load average from the kernel, and
very specifically for a BSD kernel.

You want to either set NNRP_LOADLIMIT to 0 in, or you'll
have to put in code to get the load average under Linux (through /proc).

There are patches around for inn1.4unoff4 (which you _should_ be using)
and the Debian INN package also has this fixed the way I described above
(guess what - I maintain the Debian INN package..)

The Debian INN source can be found on all debian mirrors in


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