Re: sound

A Guy called Tyketto (
Sun, 27 Oct 1996 13:33:25 -0600 (CST)

> Hi, I try to compile kernel 2.1.5 (gcc-2.7.2, with the last
> driver ossfree37-beta4-linux, but I have the following message:
> patmgr.c: in function 'pmgr_read':
> patmgr.c:119: fixed or forbidden registerwas spilled.
> This may be due to a compiler bug or to impossible asm statment or clauses.
> ....
> Can someone tell me about this?

Sorry for this being off-topic to the kernel list..

but if you ftp to the site that you got the sound drivers from, there
is a patch that you can apply to that file.. then reconfigure, recompile, and
you're set. I found that out last night when it blew up on me, and took a
chance and looked at the patch.. it compiled clean afterwards.. so give it a
shot.. Ta!


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