module 2.0.0 with kernel 2.0.7
Sun, 27 Oct 96 16:30:38 CST


I'm a newcomer in this magic Linux world from P.R.China.
Recently, I'm experiencing a problem about the modules in
dosemu package.

My system is kernel 2.0.7 with module utility 2.0.0.
My kernel is compiled only with ELF, and without supporting for
old a.out files. The dosemu binary files and module emumodule.o
can be compiled cuccessfully. But when I use 'insmod -z emumodule.o'
to load it, I get a message "gcc2_compiled. not defined" and the loading
fails. I use the insmod comes with dosemu. My /sbin/inmod has no
-z option, and I got even more undefined symbols when using it to
load emumodule.o. Beside of these, there is also anther symbol
'callers_CS' which I was told is undefined. In fact, this symbol
is only a constant defined and used in a assembly source file 'fastsys.S'.

Would you give me some advice about it ?
BTW, the dosemu is version 0.60.4. At the same time, I have already
changed the obsolete system call invalidate() to flush_tlb() in kernel 2.0.7.

Thanks for your help.

Jiang, Xiong