Re: NTP/PPS news

Markus Gutschke (
26 Oct 1996 22:59:46 +0200

On 22 Oct 96 at 2:42, Rob van Nieuwkerk wrote:
> I have bought a small DCF-77 module from Conrad in the Netherlands.
> It is supposed to work on 1.2 - 15V and has 4 connection points (screws):
> Ground, Vcc, DCF and !DCF. It is a small printed circuit with a ferrite
> antenna connected to it. The Conrad part# is 641138.
> Two questions:
> - do you know if this module can be used with your software ?
> - can you give me a pointer to a circuit which interfaces
> this module to a RS-232 port ?

Have a look at

It contains an assorted list of different resources that are related
to receiving DCF77 signals. Among other things, it includes Harald
Koenig's DCF77 program, which I prefer over xntp because of its small
memory footprint. Does anybody know, if this program (or a similar
one) will work with Ulrich's patches? I would like to see a small
standalone receiver program that keeps system time in sync, but does
not have to distribute this information to any other host.