Re: skput() panic & tracing the return address

Mark Badger (
Sat, 26 Oct 1996 11:19:50 -0700

many thanks to those who pointed me in the right direction.

looking through my system map i see:

0013e7b0 T ip_build_header
0013eb14 T ip_send_check

Kernel panic: skput:over: 0013ea84:20

it seems that ip_build_header() is causing my problem, during that
function's call to skb_put(), when it adds another 20 bytes to the
buffer. (correct ?)

i have noticed that there is a #define CONFIG_SKB_LARGE which appears to
double the buffer sizes.

could defining this as TRUE offer a solution ? i cannot find an
appropriate global setting in the configuration files, nor mention of
the #define in anything other that skbuff.h, so am i correct in
presuming this is something that can be defined locally ?

donations of wisdom appreciated,