Re: scrollback
26 Oct 1996 12:24:06 EDT

>There is a real need of separate scrollback for each console. I think,
>we can
>do it as a kernel option - save scrollback in videobuffer or in real
>ram. In
>second case, scrollback will be saved for each console separatelly.

I second the motion. As a matter of fact I was going to ask for this a
long long time ago but had forgotten all about it. I am always at the
console of my box and could REALLY use this. Sometimes I see important
information scroll by, forget that it will be lost and change VCs. Then
"AAAGH!@#$" and I have to run the command again (or whatever).

I think it'd be fine if we used a piece of real RAM for it (hey, it's
not that much. Besides it could be made a compile-time option or
something like that if you wanna spare a few K's).

Comments? Is it possible?