Re: 2.1.5: I give up.

Alexander Sanda (
26 Oct 1996 12:03:22 GMT

In article <>
Greg Patterson <> wrote:

>Well, after about the 6th freeze up in 4-5 days, I give up on 2.1.5. It
>suddenly hung for the Xth time a few moments ago out of the blue. It was
>working one moment and then the next, total freeze. Numlock wouldn't
>work, couldn't switch VC's or get out of X.

Hm, I had similar problems with 2.1.5. I experienced 2 total hangups
within a short time. Everytime, X was running, I was connected via ppp
to my ISP, an IRC client (eIRC) was active.

>And of course no !&@*# log messages.

Same, here. Nothing, just solid locked.

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