Re: Linux needs control.exe

26 Oct 1996 05:07:18 GMT

On, or about, Wed, 23 Oct 1996 10:25:32 -0400 (EDT), Jacques Gelinas ( wrote:
: Check out linuxconf (my sig). It currently have a curses and html
: interface. A tcl/tk one is coming. It goes much beyond most admin
: utilities. Not only it let you configure most of the workstation (from IP
: setup, routing, IP alias, email, ...), but it is an activator. Whenever
: you do a change, it knows what has to be done to make it effective. No
: need to reboot! Further, it tells you all the changes it will do, making
: it much more instructive than MS products.
: I am about to release 1.8 with a huge amount of gadgets. Si the change
: log in the URL of my sig!

Too bad it only works with Slackware (or so it seems from my quick look).
Guess Debian (what I use) and RedHat are out... :(