Re: BIOS clock problem

Alessandro Suardi (
Sat, 26 Oct 1996 02:04:00 +0200

Steven S. Dick wrote:
> Have either of you tried compiling real time clock support into the kernel?

Did it right away. Here's my /proc/rtc:

[asuardi@redrose ~]$ cat /proc/rtc
rtc_time : 01:49:49
rtc_date : 1996-10-26
alarm : 05:28:44
DST_enable : no
BCD : yes
24hr : yes
square_wave : no
alarm_IRQ : no
update_IRQ : no
periodic_IRQ : no
periodic_freq : 1024
batt_status : okay

At 7pm I turned my PC on (no RTC yet) and surprisingly clock was OK
(I had left it at 1am the night before). I fixed my XF86config as my
screen was a bit too much on the right, turned PC off, went to dinner,
out for the evening, back at 0:15am for the evening mail reading and
clock said 19:40 :(

Two questions to all kind souls out there:
1. is it possible that battery recharges when the PC is turned on ?
2. may it be that my motherboard is somewhat disturbed by the hard
reboots which kernel now defaults to ?

Thanks again,