Re: Linux needs control.exe

Ray Auchterlounie (
Fri, 25 Oct 1996 18:07:10 +0100

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Egor Egorov <> wrote:
>Well, thereis a lot of such tools for lienucks(C)Faq. For example,
>one is coming with the RedHat distribution. The another is linuxconf,
>very cool for console. But how do you setup via graphics

well, linuxconf already includes sendmail stuff...

If you want to write rulesets, no you probably don't want to use an
admin tool, but if you want to generate from the various
.mc files, (un)defining features, MAILERs etc. - you can probably give
easily provide a vast array of choices from an admin tool, more
flexibility than most sysadmins will ever need.

Those that have the need (and the knowledge) to mess with
/etc/ itself will be capable of using an editor :)


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