Re: syslog spiral death

Ray Van Tassle-CRV004 (
Fri, 25 Oct 1996 12:44:07 -0500

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> I've seen a similar problem also. Running strace showed that syslogd
> was doing fsync() quite often. As the log files grow, fsync() takes
> longer and longer to complete. I don't know whether to consider this
> an inefficiency in the fsync() implementation or poor behavior on the
> part of syslogd for calling fsync() so often... We avoid this problem
> by keeping our log files trimmed (via chklogs).

I'd vote for "inefficiency in the fsync() implementation". What it does is
fsync the entire disk that the file is on.
Is this a worth-while problem? If so, I'm already messing around with code
in that area, and I'd be willing to look into it.
Anybody know what free-BSD does?


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