Lost files

Robert Weeks (rweeks@csfp.co.uk)
Tue, 1 Oct 96 18:10:39 BST

After applying patch 2.0.6 (Yes I know this a little behind)
the system rebooted and fsck reported many bad date/time inodes

One of my directories had turned into a file. I tried to fix this but
to no avail so I deleted this entry but now every time fsck is run I
still get all these bad i-nodes are reported.

The directory contained aprox 20MB of patches and upgrade packages.
The worst thing is I still have the same space available after
deleting the file and my disk still reports 78% avail.

I had this happen on an ICL DRS300 UNIX box several years ago after upgrading
the Kernel then too.

I have been monitoring this mail group for some time and have not yet
seen my problem posted.

Is this a Kernel problem or have I messed it up.?

Bob Weeks