Fibre Channel for big Linux systems/clusters?

Erik Walthinsen (
Mon, 30 Sep 1996 21:05:36 -0700 (PDT)

Is any support planned for Fibre Channel technology? I know adapters
exist, all the way up to gigabit cards. FC handles all sorts of protocols
on top of itself (I think), including SCSI (I know) and TCP/IP (maybe), so
it might be a great solution to use when it comes time to cluster Linux
boxen in big commercial settings.

The ability to cluster systems and disks into a mesh brings up interesting
problems. First of all, this means software RAID needs to be stable and
part of the kernel if possible. Clustered lock management would have to
be implemented, again at the kernel level. Clustering support would have
to be added (into the mandatory locking code?) into the VFS, etc. There'd
be lots to do. It's almost a chicken/egg problem, unfortunately.

And if (multi-)gigabit networking were implemented, would something like
CC-NUMA be possible? (see

Is this feasible? Does anyone have the hardware? (yeah, right) Or might
the Linux Development Grant Fund cover such a project? It would be
prohibitively expensive (a switch runs ~$40k, a card is ~$4k), so probably


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