Re: Filesystems patch for Daylight Savings Time

Andrew E. Mileski (
Mon, 30 Sep 1996 23:17:50 -2800 (EDT)

> >Information about time zones can be found in
> ><>, among other places.
> Thanks for this reference. I quickly looked through a list there, and I
> found one place where daylight savings time had a difference of two hours--
> Newfoundland, Canada. I didn't see any others.

My apologies to all the Newfies out there...

"Hockey Night in Canada will be on the CBC
in BC at 9pm PST, in Ontario at 6pm EST,
and in Newfoundland when the big hand is on the 12
and the little hand..."
- Royal Canadian Air Farce

Sorry people. Us Canucks/Canajuns can't help but laughing at ourselves.
We have to. What other country would be stupid enough to export the likes
of Shania Twain, Shannon Tweed (and sis), Pamela Anderson, ... , heck if
Mitsou moves to the U.S. too, I'm going defect to there ;-)

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