Re: Recovering from "Kernel panic: EXT2-fs panic"
Mon, 30 Sep 1996 17:00:19 EDT

In my opinion (but who asks for opinions, right?), there is no reason to
try to modify your system to make a failing piece of hardware work. I
would just back up your system to some type of removable device (or even
another hard disk on your system) and then replace the defective drive.
The cost of 1 gig. drives is pretty low even for SCSI. If the system
locks up, it probably couldn't reset the drive to retry the read
operation. If you let it go to far, especially with work-arounds, you
will eventually have a catastrophic failure which cause the loss of all
data on the drive (unrecoverable, that is!). I recently had a similar
problem with one of my IDE drives where the problem just boot-strapped
gradually until I lost about 20 to 30 megs. of data. I promptly replaced
the drive and never had the problem (or the worry for that matter) again.

On Sun, 29 Sep 1996 14:11:03 -0500 Robert Wuest <>
>I've got this 1.3 Gig SCSI drive that's about to go out. It has to
>up for about 30 minutes when starting cold (not kidding) and for the
>most part runs fine until a storm comes along and causes the power to
>drop. (Yes, I know, a new drive and/or a UPS would fix this).
>every now and then, it produces a read error and I get this panic:
>SCSI disk error : host 0 channel 0 id 0 lun 0 return code = 28000002
>Current error sd08:02: sns = f0 4
>ASC=15 ASCQ= 1
>Raw sense data:0xf0 0x00 0x04 0x00 0x22 0xef 0x75 0x28 0x00 0x00 0x00
>0x00 0x15 0x01 0x00 0x80
>scsidisk I/O error: dev 08:02, sector 1245228
>Kernel panic: EXT2-fs panic (device 08:02): ext2_read_inode: unable to
>read i-node block - inode=155765, block=622614
>This is a Fujitsu M2651SA on an Adaptec 2940 controller. Kernel is
>2.0.21 (although the behaviour has been the same for quite some time,
>now). System is a P/100, 48 meg RAM.
>Does the SCSI driver retry after an error? When I get an error access
>dos partition on the same drive from within dos, I usually don't get
>error a second time.
>After this happens, I can't shut down clean, not even my other drives.
>It becomes a permanent error and I have to hit reset to recover my
>system. Sync locks up, init fails to init, reboot just prints it's
>message and does nothing else. Surely this doesn't have to have such
>catastrophic effects.
>Any advice on how to clean up the error without having to reboot?
>Empowered by Linux.