Cannot compile libc 5.3.12 with kernel 2.0.21

Oliver Elphick (
Mon, 30 Sep 1996 17:43:25 +0100

I attempted to update libc by compiling from the source.

It fails to compile sysdeps/pthreads/mit/fd_kern.c. Among the many
warning messages, it appears to be complaining about struct omsghdr,
which is defined in /usr/src/include/pthread/mit/sys/compat.h:

fd_kern.c: In function `sendmsg_timedwait':
fd_kern.c:1428: structure has no member named `msg_accrightslen'
fd_kern.c:1429: structure has no member named `msg_accrights'
fd_kern.c:1431: structure has no member named `msg_accrights'

The structure referred to is omsghdr. This is defined as msghdr,
which in turn is defined in /usr/include/linux/socket.h without
these members. There is also a comment that they belong to 4.3BSD,
whereas the kernel now uses 4.4BSD messages.

What am I missing? Has anyone built this version of libc with
kernel 2.0.n?

Oliver Elphick                            
Isle of Wight