Re: Filesystems patch for Daylight Savings Time

Gordon Chaffee (
Sun, 29 Sep 1996 23:13:23 -0700

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Kai Henningsen <> wrote:
> (Gordon Chaffee) wrote on 25.09.96 in <1996092518
>I am obviously missing something here. How does the kernel get *any*
>information about the timezone I'm in?
>I always thought this was completely done in libc (and /etc/timezone and
>...), and the kernel only dealt in GMT (or UTC, or however you want to
>call it).

The settimeofday() system call will set this info. I'm not sure when this
call is actually made, but it certainly has an effect.

I have not heard any reports of any daylight savings times zones that have
differences different than an hour. I number of people have reported time
zones that do not even hour offsets from GMT, but this has not impact on
the patch. Also, this patch has no effect on people with a timezone that
does not have daylight savings time.

Gordon Chaffee