Re: pre 2.1.0#4 doesn't boot

Mike Bristow (
29 Sep 1996 11:43:57 GMT

In article <>,
Rob Riggs <> writes:
[me saying pre-2.1.0#4 didn't boot for me]
>I could not boot the pre2.1.0#4 kernel with Loadlin v1.5, however
>the same zImage booted fine from floppy (make zdisk).

I'm using LILO version 19 (as reported by lilo -V) as my boot loader;
I tried a zdisk boot and it got as far as `Loading......' before a reset.

Hardware: Intel triton m/b (don't know the model, I'll try and find out if neccary)
hda: WDC AC21000H
hdb: ST5850A
hdc: ST5850
hdd: FX400E ATAPI CDROM drive
Miro S3 based graphics card
AMI BIOS (Can't remember the version)

If any more info is required, let me know...


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